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How to Get into the Music Industry 

Do you feel like an outsider looking in on the music industry? We’ve got your back. This guide to the modern music business covers the professions that make it up, how to get a foothold in it, and steps you can take to be and feel like an industry insider.

How to Grow on TikTok as a Music Artist and Earn Money

How to Grow on as a Music Artist It’s one of Gen Z’s top three apps. It inspires its users to create content from the hottest singles and long-forgotten deep cuts. There’s no breakthrough for Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, or Ice Spice without it. Artists are blowing up on TikTok every week. If you’re […]

How to Make Money with Music as Your Primary Income Source

How To Make Money with Music as Your Source We get it: it feels impossible to make money with music as your primary income source.Major-label artists are struggling to make money with music, let alone maximize their music streaming revenues. Independent musicians are competing with those artists for a spot on the best Spotify and […]