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SyncNTune is revolutionizing the music industry by offering a comprehensive suite of services right in your pocket.

Increase the reach of your music across the most popular stores & platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube and many more.

Empower yourself with unlimited distribution opportunities, and get your music heard by a global audience.

Keep 100% ownership of your music, maintaining creative control and authority in your music career.

What is SyncNTune?

SyncNTune, a part of Believe, is the global platform for independent musicians to build audiences and careers – with technology and services across distribution, publishing administration and a range of promotional services.

Why Choose SyncNTune

  • Unlimited music distribution worldwide.
  • Direct access to 150+ digital stores and streaming services.
  • No annual fee for releases on social platforms.
  • Detailed sales data to guide your music strategy.

How to Sell Your Music Online

SyncNTune revolutionized the music industry in 2006 by directly partnering with Digital Stores, eliminating the need for artists to rely on labels to sell their music online, and today stands as the world’s top digital music aggregator

Choose an unlimited distribution plan, upload your music, and SyncNTune will take care of the rest

Your music will be available on top digital stores, such as Spotify and Apple Music, in no time.

Popular Artists

1200 Money


Being one of the premiere lyricist from Washington,DC 1200Money has released Several projects over the years, earning him the moniker “HottestInTheCity”,

Like Me


Female Artist, Producer, Musician and Entertainer who has been in love with music from a very young age.

Elle Leigh


Elle Leigh is a fresh and vibrant force in the world of independent music, is making waves with her groundbreaking debut album, “Elle Leigh Vol I”.



Spanker of all things.

New release single

Maximize Your Earnings with Music Publishing

Listen your favorite music everywhere.

Your music will be available on top digital stores, such as Spotify and Apple Music, in no time.

Why Go Premium?

Registering your compositions at societies in over 60 countries around the world

Registering and administering your music on YouTube

Pitching your music for films, television, commercials, video games & more

All while keeping 100% of your music rights

Ad-free Music Listening
Hi-fi Sound Quality
Offline listening

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