SyncNTune Splits

Effortlessly split streaming & download royalties between all featured artists & producers. Get paid to collaborate.

How SyncNTune Splits Works

No more third-party providers or having to manually split royalties between
artists. You have the power to fully customize the percent paid to each
collaborator from the streaming & download royalties on any track or album.

Create new splits, edit existing splits, and accept royalties from tracks you’ve
worked on with other artists & producers. All paid out directly to your
SyncNTune account.

SyncNTune Splits Priority Payouts

SuncNTune has simplified the process of splitting royalties between featured artists and producers. Now, it’s equally effortless to
recover your recording expenses as a top priority and determine the order in which you pay out your collaborators.

The Power of Collaboration

with SyncNTune Splits

It’s time for all of your collaborators to get paid easily. Split streaming & download royalties between all contributors on any track or album.

Rising Artists, Breakout Artists, and Pros get Splits free, with no commission fees.

“As an artist, collaborating with other artists is very important; it can help bring out the best of our collective creativity while also
allowing us to cross-promote and gain exposure to other artists’ audiences. For independent artists, the business side of
collaboration can be a burden, organizing monthly payouts to make sure everyone gets their fair share. SyncNTune’s new Splits
program allows us to enter the royalty percentages for each artist on a track and SyncNTune handles the payouts. Once again,
SyncNTune continues to put artists first and make it easier for us to focus on making music together.”